Mittwoch, 16. März 2022

06_Too blind to see









“Will you let me go for Christ's sake? Will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens?”
(Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman)

06 - Too blind to see

His parents came all the way from Mexico
They took this effort for a dream.
They crossed the border on Christmas day,
And all they prayed for was not to be seen.

They settled down, somewhere in California
Asking less than workmen’s wages they got a job
Somewhere down in L.A.

After some years a little boy was born,
Another baby with dark brown eyes.
And he grew up and was often met with distance,
That he was too young to realize.

Though he didn’t understand the glances they threw at him.
And though he grew up and smiled they made him feel
Sad and weary inside.

      He just couldn’t see the difference
      And sometimes he wept all night
      Till his parents came to console him
      Reassured he fell asleep at their side.

They say young men must take their chances
“If you work hard your dreams come true”.
He did his best but soon he found out,
This truth was true but just for few.

And when he asked his parents how they could smile
though their life was so unfair,
They said fairness was a weird thing,
Accept the facts, enjoy the good things as they are.
       He still couldn’t see the difference,
       What they called dream was one plain lie,
       Then he read about a salesman,
       This time pity made him cry

Freitag, 18. Februar 2022

Recording Sternstunden Lienz

Keys - 15.02.2022
Bass - 15.02.2022
 Guitar - 15. und 17.02.2022

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2022

In Arbeit: 19 - Sternstunden

Bahn wirkt - die Struktur ist mal festgehalten. Wir basteln am Groove und  an der Gitarre...

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2022

Double D on Tour

Double D on Tour

Life is live*

(to be continued)
  • 11.10.2013: Cafe Carina, Wien
  • 28.12.2012: Creativ-Center, Lienz
  • 10.02.2011: Cafe Carina, Wien

*die 'Jedes Konzert ein Comeback Tour'

Montag, 20. Dezember 2021

Entwickler_Blues out now!

Aus Marketing-Technischen Gründen (The Matrix Resurrections hat am 21.12.2021 Premiere und irgendein neues Linux kommt immer grad raus, weils vermutlich iterativ inkrementell entwickelt wird) haben wir den Entwickler_Blues mit folgendem Werbetext versehen:

"Entwickler_Blues, die epische Story über die Wurzel (root) des ewigen Kampfes zwischen Gut (Entwickler) und Böse (The Matrix Organisation)."

Out now: das Video vom Programm zum Lied :-)