Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

17_Moments Like These


Im November als Session aufgenommen

Bonus: Moments Like These

You don’t know me, I’m a stranger to you,
Showing my love, writing it down.
Getting nowhere, just dreaming away,
Craving for faith, losing it all.

Here I am now, feeling some kind of fool,
Stroking your hair, watching you smile.
Unexpected, wishing that I could stay
That this state of mind’s not just passing my way.

Your love’s rising like the morning sun,
it’s moments like these that with their magic
give us hope and joy and something to keep on
it’s not a crossroad, we share the same way

I don’t know if you are feeling my way,
But I do hope till I find out you’ll stay.
There’s just one thing, I know for sure
This love is pure.

You’re on my mind, you’re in my heart and my soul
That’s what defines me, what makes me love you.
I want to share my time, my memories with you,
Let’s take our chances, that’s where we’ll find them.

Dedicated to all romantic girls...