Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

09_Another day gone by


"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
(Semisonic - Closing Time)


Pilot(vox&guit) - März 2011
Klavier - beim auschecken

09_Another day gone by

Now we’re dancing and you’re in my arms
I hold you tightly and I feel your warmth.
There and then the old wounds start to bleed,
And I’m closing my eyes and the warmth turns to heat.

My heart beats madly and my hands start to shake,
I thought those dreams were over, but they’re wide awake.
And now I’m lying here in my bed
I can’t get these pictures of you out of my head.

  You took my heart, the next day you tore it apart.
  It took a long time to heal.
  I drew the conclusion my life’s just a wheel
  Please don’t leave when you hear me say.
  I still love you like on that day.

    You packed me in, you took away our tomorrow,
    I never found out what exactly went wrong,
    it seems your dreams were all gone.

The years have passed but I still sing this song
And I’m thinking gladly that I’m sometimes wrong.
The words are true but their meaning got blurred,
because there is more than one girl in this world.

  I took my heart, I took all the pieces, I dared a new start
  And now I can see,
  my life is no wheel and what matters to me
  Is that there’ll always be someone to know
  I will love you so.