Freitag, 21. März 2014

22_Girls in the Neighbourhood


Hallelujah we just love'em so!


21.03.2014 - Text und Struktur ham wir, Pilot folgt!

22_Girls in the Neighbourhood

There’s this girl in the neighborhood and she thinks that it’s perfectly understood
that I love her and I think about her all the time.
Well this girl from my neighborhood always tells me that I should
ask her out next Saturday night on a date.

What Rosie doesn’t know is that I just don’t love her so,
because there’s this girl I know and she makes me feel fine, so fine.

So there’s Amanda in the neighborhood and I thought it was perfectly understood
that I adored her and dreamt about her all the time.
Well Amanda from my neighborhood never told me that I should
ask her out next Saturday night on a date.

But what I did not have in mind, for all these girls made me blind
Rosie was no single child, her brother Charles knocked on my door.

and he informed me while breaking my shin bone twice
that Amanda and he were lovers. I saw it in his eyes
that he would kill me, so I blacked out right there
and when I woke up again I saw lovely blonde hair, and even more lovely blue eyes.

Lovely Rosie took away all my pain and she mended my bones while I walked with a cane
she was so lovely in her pretty white nursery dress.
Even Charles, now my brother in law, was happy to see that his breaking my jaw
had its good sides 'cause my love for my Rosie is real.

But what Charles did not have in mind, that Amanda wasn’t so kind
she took all his money and left, hitting the road with Jaqueline Schulz, oh lovely Jaqueline.

Charles found a new girl, as cute as she can be,
with lips like roses and hair like Dolly P.
He thanked the heavens, though his sight was getting low
and he cried Hallelujah - I love her so.